Trustable Newness

Apple has it.

Lots of other gadget companies don’t.

Will today’s announced iPhone change your life? Probably not. Will it make you a better human being? Nope. Will you like it? Most certainly. You’ll like it because you’ve liked the last four iPhones. You’ll put in your order for it because you trust that Apple isn’t going to deliver next month’s paperweight to your door in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, there are a hundred other tech gadget companies who can’t make that same claim of “trustable newness”. Their new item is unknown. Their track record presents risk. You won’t watch their new product announcement because you want to see the thing in the hands of 3 friends before you’ll consider it.

Everyone wants a product that shoots off the launch pad like an Apple product does, these days. Here’s how you do it:

Make your next 4 products great from day one. Earn your own trustable newness.

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