St.Valentine’s Days of Our Lives

  • Do the dishes.
  • Make your bed.
  • Don’t be a slob (unless she married you for your slobbishness).
  • Change diapers (if applicable).
  • Say good morning.
  • Say goodnight.
  • Say I love you. Say it again.
  • Prioritize her over lots of other stuff.
  • Get a few things done she’s been wanting you to get done for well over a year.
  • Leave work at the office (if your office is at home, leave work IN the office).
  • Happily be her doormat now and then, it won’t kill ya and she’ll end up with clean shoes. Who doesn’t love clean shoes.

When you’re dying, she’ll be there. You know who won’t be there? Probably your current boss, your current fantasy sports league, your current coffee shop barista, your current work buddies. They’re cool for a season but she is timeless.

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