Five. Coding Music.

The “Five” playlist is updated every few weeks with five songs (same playlist, five different songs). They won’t always be new releases and sometimes they’ll follow a theme, but generally it will be five songs I’m really enjoying at the moment.


This week’s rotation highlights five songs from my Coding Music Rdio playlist.

Sometimes I need a solid set of tunes that can stream on endless loop through my headphones while knocking out an 8 hour overnight codefest. Here are five of my favorite songs from that collection:

LEstasi DellOro – Bandini Remix by Ennio Morricone
Most recognized as the song behind this classic David Fincher TV spot, the bells and driving rhythm employed throughout make this an excellent toe-tapper. Pairs nicely with Objective-C animation work.

What Else Is There? by Röyksopp
The entire Röyksopp collection makes for great coding music, but Karin Dreijer Andersson’s floating vocals make this one extra-perfect.

Paradise Circus by Massive Attack
Hopefully its inclusion on the True Blood soundtrack has expanded the audience for this excellent song. And, like Röyksopp, the entire Massive Attack collection makes for great coding music.

Daydream by Tycho
Near-perfect soundscape. Perfect for those times when you’re trying to nail down a really annoying bug and you need some tones to balance you in the background. Doesn’t distract.

Home by Glasser
Vocal-centric initially, but right at about 1:10 it kicks into high gear. Then there’s the clapping. Can’t have coding music without a little clap-track.


Here’s the Five playlist available on Spotify as well.

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